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Breeding Snails - Helix Aspersa Maxima ( 10  )

Breeding Snails - Helix Aspersa Maxima ( 10 )


Would you like to open your own snail farm? - You are in good place.


Here for sale are 10 breeding snails - species: Aspersa Maxima .


In proper environment and with good food those snails will lay eggs. It will be just beginning of your adventure as owner of the snails farm.


Please note:


· Snail laid about 60-110 eggs (cocoon)

· Buy them proper snail food : shell to be strong need calcium , vitamins...growing faster

· Read some material about snails breeding - how to care about them in every moment of their       life


Species of snails:  Helix Aspersa Maxima -( Gros-Gris) 
Those snails are grown for human consumption on my own farm – snails are perfect for feeding to reptile such as snake 
, skinks , tegu and monitor lizards….and many more….
For more information or to see more photos from my farm - please see my Facebook page: EscargotsNI
The Helix aspersa maxima ( Gros–Gris )  is one of the most famous and  important edible snails worldwide. Adults snails are between 15–40 g weight and they shell diameter is about 30–45 mm. Reached sexual maturity in 5-7 months and lay about 120–180 egg.
Snail meat is tasty and easy to digest. It is low in calories and fat but rich in protein, amino acids, calcium, and iron and omega-3 fatty acids. It is nutritional values well as its medicinal properties were notably referred to by Hippocrates, Galen and Pliny.
About us
Our farm in specialised in production high quality live food. We love what we are doing and we put the whole heart to deliver to our customers the best possible product. So whether you are feeding reptiles , wild birds, cage birds or any other reptile eating small animal – we are willing to help.
Our Snails
Our snails are free-range and follow the natural life cycle where possible. They are grown indoors and fed a varied diet of fresh vegetables and a specialised feed. We perform laboratory testing to be sure that our snails are always healthy. 
Thank You 
Please note: We are not delivery outside UK. 

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