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Land snails food - 500gr

Land snails food - 500gr


For sale : 500 grams of high quality , professional land snails food
Complete food for snails:
Composed according to the latest data available in the world literature. Based on plant materials of the highest quality, which guarantees stability of the parameters and safety of use. Pre-processed raw materials (extruded) enable quick assimilation of nutrients with little downloading feed the youngest animals. The variety of protein sources in feed creates the conditions to synthesize its own protein building blocks of the body of the screw.
To optimize the intake of calcium ( improve quality of shell - mechanical strength and appearance )
To improve the laying rate
Easy to use - it requires no complementation
Presented as mixture of crushed raw material
Single complementary food
Analytical constituents:
Crude protein - 16.5%
M Raw Grasses - 2%
Crude fiber - 3.5%
crude ash - 37.5%
Lysine - 0.98%
Methionine - 0.24%
Calcium - 13.55%
Phosphorus - 1.10%
Sodium - 0.20%
Vitamine A - 18800 UI/kg
Vitamine D3 - 3000 UI/kg
Vitamine E - 38 mg/kg
Manganese - 40 mg / kg
Iron - 150 mg / kg
Iodine - 0.5 mg / kg
Zinc - 50 mg / kg
Selenium - 0.25mg / kg
Copper - 15mg / kg
-------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       About us
Our farm in specialised in production high quality snails Aspersa Maxima ( Gros-Gris) / Aspersa Muller ( Petit-Gris) . We love what we are doing and we put the whole heart to deliver to our customers the best possible product. Snails land food selling by us is using by professional snails farmers in France and Poland.
For more information or to see more photos from my farm - please see my Facebook page: EscargotsNI
Thank You 
Please note: We are not delivery outside UK. 

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