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Perko - Brassica Rapa - perfect for snail farming

Perko - Brassica Rapa - perfect for snail farming


1kg - seeds - Brassica rapa
Snail farming requires proper preparation - The presence of vegetation that serves as a supplementary food and shelter is very important.
Perko Rzepik - the rapeseed variety, extremely rich in valuable protein, works best. It is a plant that does not require special care and is characterized by high resistance to adverse weather conditions - allows it to grow in spring and winter. When we sow Perko Rzepik in the spring, we can expect green plants at the end of May. If we decide to do it in autumn, the first collections should be expected in mid-April.
Advantage is also the abundant mass of leaves, which after growing quickly grows - just enough rainfall. Flower shoots are not produced in large quantities - especially during the spring-summer sowing period, the leaves dominate. The plant is used to grow snails also in tunnels, where it can be planted throughout the year.
- is characterized by strong growth, high regrowth capacity, very well developed root system
- perfect for crops in winter or spring
- a plant with a high protein content
Standard of sowing:
8-12 kg / ha. Main crop
15-25 kg / ha For afterglow or green mass
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